The iPad Cooling Case Is Now Live At Wombat Ware

This is a bit of a delayed update over here. For those of you who have been following us or following the development of the iPad Cooling Case, I am happy to announce that you can now jump over to Wombat Ware ( to see the latest development and updates there.

What is available now?

I have first launched the iPad Cooling Case product for the iPad Mini 5 (or 5th gen). The reason for just releasing a Cooling Case for one model is simply because of limited resources (for now) and the reason I picked the iPad Mini 5 is that that’s the more popular model used by pilots and drone pilots. Or at least the majority of those that contacted me were using the iPad Mini 5.

iPad Cooling Case Front & Back

Will there be Cooling Cases for other iPad models?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. I am now working on a case for one of the 9.7″ models (iPad Air, iPad 5/6) and if nothing goes too wrong, that should be available in the next few months. I will also keep working on other models based on the number of requests – i.e. if there is a huge request for a specific iPad model or tablet model, that will be next on the list.

Wombat Ware MavMount Adapter

I am also developing custom accessories that work with the iPad Cooling Case. One recent example is an adapter that allows the iPad Cooling Case to be mounted on a DJI MavMount Adapter. We are calling it the Wombat Ware MavMount Adapter or WWMM adapter.

Since the motivation for bringing the iPad Cooling Case to market is to provide a useful solution, making custom accessories that work with the iPad Cooling Case makes total sense. If you think you also need a custom attachment or accessory or even an alternate solution, please feel free to reach out to us here (ReEngineering Labs Contact Page Link) or here (Wombat Ware Contact Page Link).

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