About RELabs

Thanks for visiting ReEngineeringLabs!

RELabs was started because there were gaps in the sports marketplace. Through conversations with athletes, coaches, and sports professionals, we found that they needed solutions that do not exist in the market yet.

Our Vision is to be the “go-to” for innovation in sports and to be the space where people can come together to collaborate.

Our mission is to develop custom and innovative technology solutions that will meet those needs and bring a better outcome for the athletes – whether it’s improved athletic performance or reduced risk of injuries.

We hope to achieve that through the design of bespoke sports equipment, or sensor systems for motion tracking, or novel training and testing devices; combined with research, testing and validation.

We also partner and collaborate with researchers who are experts in their fields and continually explore novel technologies and validate new concepts.

Is there a gap in sports and health that is bothering you or are you looking to collaborate with someone in that space? Feel free to leave a message here and we can chat further.

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